Based in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Serving Clients in the Midwest and Beyond

It is no secret that the building materials distribution business is very specialized and requires extensive knowledge of various building products. The logistics of importing and exporting require a thorough understanding of the import and export process, including consolidation, loading of containers and all flat racks and the processing of appropriate documentation. With many years of experience, 30 employees, and large distribution centers stocked with diverse product, we at NMS are confident we can deliver the best bulk pricing anywhere. 

We exist to make large scale multi-family developers more efficient.

Our Leadership

Dustin Norris

Our Values

Act with Integrity: We are truthful and honest in all areas of life, in our professional work and in our personal lives. When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, we do the right thing, even in the face of adversity. We are committed to our values and we protect our company culture through our commitment to possessing integrity at an organizational level.

Pursue Excellence: We are committed to the continuous improvement of people, processes, and the quality of products that we deliver. We all have the autonomy to apply our knowledge and experience to solve problems, make decisions and implement new ideas to drive sustainable results.

Embrace Change: To try new things, embrace new opportunities, and address new challenges to make our company more resilient, unique, and dynamic.

Innovation: We develop and apply world-class technology. We listen, learn, and seek out the best ideas. We attack complacency and continually improve.

Ownership: Ownership is taking the initiative to bring about positive results. It is being accountable for the results of your actions – that are of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner.

Our President and CEO

Brooks Norris grew up in and around the construction industry. His father owned his own company, Norris Masonry, and Brooks got his start there at the age of 14, laying bricks. He continued this through high school, using the time to learn as much as he could. After graduating, he began working for his father-in-law at River Valley Door & Trim. From 2000 to 2006 Brooks worked his way through the ranks, starting at the bottom cutting doors and working up to a sales position where from 2005 to 2006 worked sales. While working sales, he was able to develop many important contacts and began building a network that would allow his future businesses to thrive.

Brooks and his wife Tara have called the River Valley home their entire lives. They were both raised in the Greenwood area, graduated from Greenwood High School, and currently live in Fort Smith with their three boys.